Emilio Aponte-Sierra


Emilio Aponte-Sierra was born 1968 in Valledupar, Colombia. Valledupar is small town known mostly for the creation of Vallenato music, which sparked Aponte-Sierra’s first creative inclination. “I’m inspired by the vibrancy of my county’s music. I try to evoke movement and rhythm, color and diversity of the ecosystem in my art.”

Along with the his music and cultural influence, Aponte-Sierra is equally fascinated with the art of women’s fashion and how the mundane task of getting dressed can transform a woman’s demeanor. Aponte-Sierra’s main medium is recycled materials. He uses a paper manipulation technique that creates a unique image with rich texture. “The energy cannot be created in the same way using other mediums. We need to use existing materials to transform and change our world into something beautiful. This is why I prefer recyclables in my work.” Aponte-Sierra’s immersion of these themes; music, fashion and conservation, undoubtedly creates a wildly unique composition.