Jon Glaser


Jon Glaser was born 1964 in Burbank, CA. Glaser spent his teenage years behind the lens, until he graduated from high school and turned his efforts to pursuing a career in dentistry. He worked 15 years in his thriving practice in South Florida, taking advantage of the opportunity dentistry gave him to exercise his creative abilities. Faced with re-evaluating his career path due to Multiple Sclerosis, Glaser embarked on a new journey where he could focus creating with his mind. “There is something fulfilling about capturing a moment in time particularly as the sun makes its first or last appearance.”

Glaser’s photographic work reflects an affinity for movement and sound; the latter reminiscent of a song, starting calmly, building strength, power and energy, until the shutter releases and the image is recorded as the ultimate crescendo. Glaser is most drawn to the grand landscape, his portfolio includes macro still life and abstract work as well, showcasing a relationship between color and light.